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YTC-04 Corrosion Inhibitor For Hydrogenation Unit,Hydrogenated Gasoline (diesel) Corrosion Inhibitor
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YTC-04 Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrogenation Unit,Hydrogenated Gasoline (diesel) Corrosion Inhibitor for Refinery

YTC-04 Corrosion Inhibitor for Hydrogenation Unit

Ⅰ. Introduction:

This product is composed of the amides hydrophilic organic matter and water-soluble organic amine, there are polar groups and non-polar groups in the two molecular structures, the polar proups is adsorbed on the metal surface, and the non-polar group is arranged from the metal surface to the solution, on one hand, as the inhibitor changes the charge state of the metal surface, and increases the activation energy of the corrosion reaction, the corrosion becomes difficult, on the other hand, most of the non-polar groups arradnge on the metal surface to develop the hydrophobic membrane, inhibiting the movement of the corrosion inhibition. The product is used for the process of gasoline(diesel)hydrogenation refining and heavy oil hydrocracking, and can effectively prevent the corrosion of H2, H2S, RSH, HCN medium on the equipment, and has the functions of film forming, meutralization, salt crust and dirt resistance. According to the static and dynamic experiments in laboratory, and it is repeatedly used in multi-refinery plants, which proves that it has good corrosion inhibition to the hydrogenations system.

Ⅱ. Physical index:



Test Method


Orange to red-brown liquid

Visual inspection

pH (stock solution)



Density ( 20℃) g/cm3



Freezing point  (℃, fit to the circumstance)




Soluble in softened water


 Ⅲ. Application:

The product is used for the equipment corrosion for the air cooling parts and fractionating tower top system in the process of gasoline (diesel) hydrogenation refining in oil refinery and heavy oil hydrocracking.

Ⅳ. Main Function:

1. This product both has film-forming and neutralizing performance. And it is characterized in rapid film-forming speed, compact and firm film quality, and airflow scouring resistance expressed by the relatively stable neutralized iron ion value during the process.

2. This product has strong demulsibility,namely, there is no emulsion after adding 100ppm, and has the characteristics of ensuring the rapid speed of oil-water separation, no oil in water and the like.

3. The product is used for the raw oil with different sulphur contents, and it can be achieved that the effluent ironion is less than 3ppm via adjusting the addition of the inhibitor.

4. Low freezing point and according to the temperature at the time, adjust different freexing points to make the product capable of keeping good fluidity in cold season, and easy to use.

Ⅴ. Usage and Suggested Dosage:

1. The inhibitor is diluted into 5~10% aqueous solution with softened water, and then infused into the top of the fractionating tower or front of the air cooler.

2. Recommend add dose: 20~30PPM.

Ⅵ. Package and storage:

1. Plastic barrel packing with 200kg net weight.

2. Store in a cool, dry ,well-ventilated place, valid for one year.

Ⅶ. Safety Attentions:

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes, or wash with plenty of water.

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