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YTG-AO High Efficiency Gasoline Antioxidant Agent,best Gasoline Additives
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YTG-AO High Efficiency Gasoline Antioxidant Agent,best Gasoline Additives

YTG-AO High Efficiency Gasoline Antioxidant Agent

Ⅰ. Introduction:

The product is a new type of liquid antioxidant agent, mainly composed of more than five kinds of alkyl phenol, amide kinds of antioxidants as the main body and efficient dispersant, cosolvent, synergistic agent, adding a certain proportion of the passivation agent, in a certain temperature and pressure process conditions such as complexation, compound reaction and get a new type of high efficient liquid antioxidant agent.

The antioxidant agent has good oil solubility, stable performance, etc.The addition amount of 20~60ppm. Main advantage is: can improve the storage stability of gasoline, to improve the induction period of gasoline, a long time of storage stability of the gasoline is still can satisfy the use requirement. Through the storage tank with additive of gasoline engine performance test showed that the additive for gasoline engine power, fuel consumption, exhaust temperature and smoke exhaust performance without adverse effects.

In order to improve the oxidation resistance of gasoline, generally uses the antioxidant to inhibit the oxidation of unstable components in oil products, improve the oxidation stability of oil. Current commonly used antioxidant is solid, application of inconvenience. New gasoline antioxidants is liquid, can infiltrate through the pump directly to the antioxidant petrol in the tank. 

Ⅱ. Characteristics:

In fact, gasoline oxidation to form colloid is some of the volatile components in oxygen, cause and under the catalysis of metal, and the result of the free radical chain reaction. Antioxidant agent is to eliminate free radicals, termination of free radical chain reaction chain growth, namely remove reactive oxygen or oxygen substances, which have the effect of inhibiting oxidation or gum formation, it can also restrain because fuel exposed to the air to form the peroxide caused by polymerization reaction, so as to ensure the product has good oxidation resistance and the adhesive performance. Antioxidant agent can passivation metal catalysis oxidation for gasoline. Characteristics: the agent can effectively control the production of pectin precipitation in the gasoline, improve the storage stability of gasoline, significantly improve the induction period, inhibit the color deepened; It can significantly improve the oxidation stability of gasoline, natural conditions can be long-term storage; It could inhibit the corrosion of oil storage and transportation equipment; For a variety of sources of catalytic cracking gasoline and gasoline blending all good feelings; Does not affect gasoline other indexs.

Ⅲ. Technical index:




Pale yellow to dark brown clear liquid



Flash point(opening ℃)


Freezing point(℃)


kinematic viscosity(40℃)mm2/s


Water points  %


Mechanical impurities  %


Ⅳ. Usage:

The agent for the oil soluble liquid, can be directly added to the fuel oil or use the catalysis, atmospheric gas or diluted add oil to the water metering, solvent oil by pipeline blending or direct additive in pot, must use forced circulation pump to ensure the oil to mix. It is best to use the metering pump and through the static mixer mixing into the mixing tank.Best has not yet been exposed to air before joining after oil refining effect is best. When oxygen in the air has been into gasoline, unstable components have begun to add additives after oxidation, may be invalid or need to increase the amount.

The product is recommended to add quantity for 20~60 PPM (w/w). Can be according to the nature of gasoline, it is recommended that before the formal use, first blending samples to determine the best proportion of additive, in order to achieve the best efficiency.

Ⅴ.Package Transportation and Storage:

1. 200L galvanized steel drum sealing packing, net weight 180 kg.

2. Transport vehicles to avoid sun exposure.

3. Storage temperature: 15 ℃ to 40 ℃, the warehouse requirements well ventilated, avoid direct sunlight bask in.

Ⅵ. Safety Attentions:

1. This product during transportation and storage according to the provisions of flammable chemicals commonly, use process, piping, container, machine dedicated pump. This product belongs to flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals, storage, transportation and using, should avoid contact with fire or other sources of heat, avoid direct sunlight.

2. Use of this product, must be put on the gloves and safety glasses, if skin, the eye contact with the product, rinse immediately with plenty of soap and water.

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