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YTD-11 Diesel Cetane Improver, Best Fuel Lubricity Additives
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YTD-11 Diesel Cetane Improver, Best Fuel Lubricity Additives

YTD-11 Diesel Cetane Improver

Ⅰ. Introduction:

Diesel fuel cetane number is reflection of diesel fuel is burned in the engine ignition performance. It can effectively improve the cetane value of diesel oil, the engine starting performance, and the diesel combustion performance.

Ⅱ.Physical index:




Light yellow clear liquid





Flashing point(closed cup) ℃


Density(20℃) Kg/cm3


Viscosity(20℃) mm2/s


Moister %(m/m)


Acidity as HNO3,


Freezing Point  ℃

- 45

Ⅲ. Function:

1. Improve diesel, distillate cetane number efficacious.

2. Significantly reduce emissions, reduce black smoke 40 to 60%, 55% polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aldehydes more than 35%.

3. Reduce the production and emission of white smoke exhaust.

4. Shorten pre-heating period, improve start-up function at low temperature, increase dynamics.

5. Reduce engine noise.

6. 5~10% fuel savings.

7. Improve the quality of diesel.

Ⅳ. Usage:

1. Use to reconcile the diesel, add to different base oil. Can increase 2-8 cetane points by adding 1~3‰ improver.

2. The product has good solubility and dispersion, directly into the diesel, powered mixing cycle.

3. Can join together with other diesel fuel additive.

Ⅴ. Package and storage and Notes:

1. 200L Iron drum, net weight in 180kg.

2. Store in the cool place, the weather should around -15℃~38℃, avoid light.

3. Non-toxic, minor irritation of the skin when direct contact.

4. Using under 85℃,When the temperature reaches 100 ℃, the heat will accelerate the formation of natural exothermic reaction, caused by elevated temperature and pressure, can lead to drums or tank rupture, causing a fire.

5. Wearing safety gloves and goggles, wash with plenty of water if incidentally touched with skin or eyes, then use soap washing. In case gets into the eyes in the water to fully clean immediately, then check by the doctor processing. In case of fire, available 1211, dry powder, foam, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and sand-fire, do not use water.

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