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YTD-03 Diesel Stabilizer, Gas And Gasoline Best Fuel Additives
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YTD-03 Diesel Stabilizer, Gas and Gasoline Best Fuel Additives

YTD-03 Diesel Stabilizer

Ⅰ. Introduction:

Heterocyclic compounds and alkenes in FCC diesel fuel, among light and air environment, prone to oxidation reaction, the color will become darker. YTD-03 diesel stabilizer, can delay or control the catalytic oxidation of diesel, and delay the catalytic diesel become darker in color, to improve the stability of diesel fuel, while other properties of the diesel fuel without any adverse effects can be achieved of diesel international standard. Our company cooperated with China University of Petroleum and other research institutions through large experiments testing, succeeded in developing YTD series of catalytic diesel oil by chemical stabilizers. YTD-03 should be as the catalytic diesel oil, the stability of coking diesel additives, the process is simple, add a small, low-cost, and waste emissions, no additional processing devices.

II. Technical index:




Light yellow liquid with special smell

Distillation range (℃)


Density    ㎏/m3(20℃)


Content  (≥%)


Frozen point  (℃)


III. Usage:

1. The additives can be added to the oil after mixing with the oil circulation stirred for half an hour or more(Suggest using static mixers mixing, the effect will be better).

2. Less adding dosage, long retention period. Add 0.1-0.3% in the finished diesel(using static mixers), delay the oil darken in 22-30 days.

IV. Package and storage:

1 .Using 200L iron plastic or plastic drums, the net weight is180kg.

2. This product is combustible, must be stored in a cool, ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, away from fire and heat source and the oxidant.

3. Water absorption will affect the results, so water prohibited in the storage and using.

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